Is this process the same as some others such as NZHouseChina?

A: No. Many other companies simply buy locally and post to China (called the Daigou system). We are licensed by the China government through a free trade zone to to legitimacy import products and distribute to China customers under the new cross border e-commerce policy. The customer pays tax, but at a lower level than conventional imports.

Q: How long before we can begin exporting?

A; We will register your products under cross border e-commerce with the China border authorities, which will take one to two weeks depends on the type of product. After that, you can begin to export immediately.

Q: How much will the product registration cost?

A: See the income and expense page.

Q: Do I need to hold extra stock?

A: No. Only working stock that you would hold for any retail market.

Q: How long does it take to deliver my goods to the customers?

A:Under 24 hours, as they are held in China government bonded warehouses.

Q: Do we need to produce new packaging and labelling?

A: No. NZ compliant labelling is all that is required.

Q: Do I have to assign rights to my brand or my products to anyone?

A: No, you simply have to prove that you own your brand.

Q: How do I get paid?

A:Cash immediately against sale

Q: How will my products be advertised and marketed?

A: Via a variety of channel, including social media, and Tic Toc to name only two. Please contact us for our full media campaign.

Q: What currency can the buyers use to pay?

A: Chinese Yuan. This is automatically converted to Generally NZ or US$